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Nanih Waiya: A Physical Description

Nanihwaiya Nanih Waiya is a flat-topped mound in the style common to most others constructed in the southeast. It's base is oblong and covers about an acre while its peak, which rises 40 feet above the surrounding terrain, cover one-fourth of an acre. The main mound (also known as the temple mound) is located on the southeastern edge of a 10 foot high, 1.5 mile long circular wall and is about 50 yards from Nanih Waiya Creek. Beyond the creek, by a mile or so, is a second mound called Nanih Waiya Cave which may be the source of the emergence myth.

A Brief History
Archeological evidence indicates that the site upon which Nanih Waiya stands had been occupied continuously for approximately 2000 years before the European invasion. After Contact the site was abandoned. The mound itself was built between 1500 and 2000 years ago, likely by the Choctaw themselves and the construction is thought to have taken 2-3 generations to complete and served as the base for a temple.